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It's the feeling you get when you hug and kiss someone. It's you, it's me, it might be both of us but it's definitely not all of us. It's something so cute that you want to eat it, gnaw on it and/or murder it. IT'S THAT GOOD. It's the laughter of a newborn baby. It's the second coming of Christ. It's putting your mats in gym class overlapping...just so everyone in that mother knows your best friends. It's making up a word, and giving it meaning...To all the good, wonderful, precious, funny, heartfelt, meaningful, can't-live-without moments you share with someone. It's that feeling you get when you shoot a flaming arrow across the bridges of Hemdale, on a majestic, translucent steed. It's purposely offending people who are offended by foul language. It's always, picking to be the top scientist in your field...and definitely NOT having mad cow disease. It's wearing a desert rose, because it features...the camel toe. Its nighthawk, and your dragon. t's when you release the Kracken. It's being in a 2 person gang...and being gangster about it. It's watching a 3 year old see the Disneyland castle for the first time. It's having a perfect child. It's knowing that you've got a friend. It's loving unconditionally. It's laughing in the streets at 2am. It's a best friend, your best friend. It's whatever you want it to be, as long as it means something honestly, truthfully and whole-heartedly to you. It's all the good in the world.
"Taylor, you're so Chuckon".
"Nicole is my Chuckon".
"That's definitely Chuckon cheese of you"
"So Chuck".
"What up-Chuck"
"That's definitely NOT Chuckon"
"Did you see her ass? Definitely Chuckon"
by TaylorCole June 21, 2012
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