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This is the proof that violate the second law of thermodynamic. Chuck Thermodynamic can make liquid nitrogen go into an exothermic process at release infinite joules of heat to crush an opponent. Chuck Thermodynamic can only be pulled off by Chuck Norris himself. Chuck Norris can use ice to increase the temperature of the sun. Theoretically, Chuck Norris is consider "the system" who will give off infinite heat to "the surrounding" which, in this case, is the universe. Eventually, the universe will burn up and our existence will be null.
Chem Student: We don't have gas for the bunsen burner.
Chuck Norris: I will punk the ice to some heat with the power of Chuck Thermodynamic!
Chem Studnet: wtf?
(Chuck Norris cause 1E90 Joules of explosion in the Chemistry lab.)
by BenchMax345 February 15, 2008
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