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Chuck Shaw (pronounced Ceee-Shaw, sort of like a Seesaw, and not like Nigk, pronounced like nig, (pause) the "Ck"sound).

Cee-Shaw is your typical Steelers fan- dejected, sad, pitiful, lonely, still holding on to the glory days- you know the type..., Anyways Cee-Shaw mostly is a giggler, chuckler, but sometimes laughs the Muttley Laugh. Cee-Shaw is not related to Ceelo Greene, but is just as gangsta. Cee-Shaw doesn't always use his sick-nasty accounting skills, but when he does, he drinks Dos Equis. Cee-Shaw, when not being a legitimate bad ass will sometimes go by Chuck, Chuggles, or ChuckMcChuckster. When being Chuck, he will walk right past you while your studying and give you the three finger "hey" sign, but he stays silent. Chuck formally had the Guinness Book of World record for the squeakiest shoes in our solar system, but he traded them in for some new sweet kicks. When you hear a squeak that you can't explain, it is probably Chuck getting his squeak on with his old squeaky shoes. Chuck is also from the good old state of TreeHuggerLand, AKA Oregon. When he was seven years old he graduated from college and is now the youngest member of the coolest law school study group on the planet (also a Guinness record). When not being clever, or witty, chuck tries to make urban dictionary definitions that ultimately super lame compared to this one. Oh snap.
How much wood, would a wood Chuck Shaw Chuck, if a Wood Chuck could Chuck wood? Chuck would Chuck, as much wood, as a wood Chuck could chuck would.

Have you been to GranolaLand? Yes it was very Chuck Shaw.

Do you enjoy drinking a tall glass of Chuck Shaw? No.

How do you make a Chuck Shaw Laugh? Shit.
by TheGreatRedJarens October 15, 2013
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