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Chubosaurus- The state inbetween being semi-chubbed and a full on erection..Something that jews will never experience
"Daquisha"-Did you see Detron and Laquisha out on the dance floor? You can see that chubosaurus from over here.
"LeTron"- What's a chubosaurus?
"Daquisha"- You know, where you have more than a chubby but it's not all the way hard.
"LeTron"- ohhh, so kind of like an extra-medium boner?
"Daquisha"- Yes.
"Letron"- I've had one of those all night then, from staring at you girl. You want to bump peeheads?
"Daquisha"- mmmmmhhhmmmmm.
by LevyDash February 16, 2009
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