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Fucking awesome band from Arizona, that has been around since '96. They released their first album when the average age of the band members was 13, titled 'Chronic' which had such hits as 'Scottsdale', and 'Insomniac'. They then followed up with their second album, '4 Elements' with such hits as 'Jump to Jive', 'Come Correct', 'Impossible to Win'. They finally came out with their awesome album 'Lines In My Face' in June 2004 with the amazing single 'Time and Time Again' that has to do with the war in Iraq. They may be on MTV but they don't play bullshit like those mainstream faggots. It's a mixture of rap and rock, not heavy metal like some people think. Often compared to 311 because they both kick major ass.
They were featured on the Warped Tour and are now on tour in Europe then back to the states with Papa Roach.

People who say the rap sounds like 'Eminem' can suck a dick, too. No, it's not a cross between 'Linkin Park' and 'Eminem' so shut up. No, they don't sound like 'Limp Bizkit'. They're totally against that bullshit.
Chronic Future's 'Time and Time Again' is such a kickass song!
The whole 'Lines in my Face' album kicks so much ass! Go buy it today!
by Chronic_Future311 October 01, 2004
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