A person who wasn't raised to know that nobody likes a whiner, and gave him/her pretty much anything they wanted to shut their whining hole. They are immature, self-entitled, melodramatic, high-maintenance, and call constant undeserved attention to self, because when they were growing up, their parents enabled their shitty behavior rather than putting their foot down.

Parents, when you tell your spoiled, whiny kids that, "No means no." and to either shut the fuck up or go to their room, you're not being mean. You're giving your children the gift of knowing how to behave appropriately, so everyone won't drop them as a friend, dump them as a partner, ignore them as a coworker, not take them seriously as an employee, and so on when they are adults.
Person 1: I dumped my girlfriend last week.
Person 2: You ok?
Person 1: I feel better than I have in years. There's finally joy, meaning, pleasure, peace, hope, happiness, and goodness in life again.
Person 2: You were dating a chronic complainer, weren't you?
Person 1: Yup, and she's not my fucking problem anymore. Thank god.
by Hazelwudi July 8, 2020
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Someone that complains almost non-stop, Very annoying.
Did you hear how much of a Chronic Complainer maya is?
by Sigmicgalaxy February 14, 2019
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