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A rare form of permanent vagitosis found south of the border and characterized by a pungent sulfur type odor emanating from the female's nether regions. Although CSV is hard to identify in a woman due to latency, it is easier to detect by keen observation of surrounding males. Look for cringed eyebrows, often associated with a crunched nose and one closed eye. Can cause whiplash.

A genetic form of this disorder can be found in mountainous regions of Peru and Colombian. However, enthusiasts need not travel all the way south of the equator to experience this delight; the non-genetic acquired strain can be found in dark alleys of Tijuana, Amsterdam, and even New York's popular dive bars once frequented by the famous vagitosis connosoiur, Monnsiour Raymundous the Blind.
My wife knew instantly where I had been when I walked through the door. I had told her I was going to San Diego, but kept on to TJ, and she knew it. "Oh no you aren't, motherfucker" she said. "You're not bringing the Chronic Southern Vagitosis into this house, did you forget that I invented that shit!"
by Dish Chronicle March 17, 2006
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