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1.The derogatory term referring to the entire anti-marijuana crowd. Whether they be little corrupted and yet disgustingly ignorant children, asshole adults who are probably against it due to their parent's "stay outside the norm at all costs" attitudes (even though they supersede it with their clearly average clothing style and otherwise "normal" life).

2. Ignorant fagballers that secretly smoke chron day and night but refuse to accept their habits, so play-off as if totally against it.

3. Assholes that were made fun of after hitting the bong the wrong way and spilling bong water everywhere, thus developing a hate for the sport. (?)
1. Guy 1: "Wow bro, look at that huge fat and sweaty crowd of chronchirps, it kills my buzz bro."

Guy 2: "Yea homez, what the fuck eh." *throws medium-sized rock*

2. "Jimmy, I hate you as a friend all-of a sudden because you smoke marijuana. Don't talk to me anymore please." *hangs up phone and proceeds to hitting a 4g bowl*

3. Guy 1: "Holy fuck man, did you see Jeff go from chronchamp to chronchirp when he bitched out and dropped the Rurh bong!!!"

Guy 2: "Yea man what the fuck, he's such a fuckstamp chronchirp bitch now."
by LargeManDick92 April 12, 2010
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