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Christosaurus is the reincarnation of the one true savior of the interwebs, Raptorjesus. An excerpt from his teachings would look something like this.


On the final day of the Christozoic period Christosaurus did pwn all evil left in the world. With one swift movement of his rather undersized arm he did destroy the last cave n00b. With a sickening crunch he quickly disposed of the corpse by simply gesturing towards it with his magnificent claw and exclaiming "THE GAME" the corpse proceeded to flip the fuck out and exclaim that it had lost. Then Christosaurus did take the last dino-nap of the Christozoic period.
Friend 1: Dude you so owned that guy!

Friend 2: Yeah. Almost as awesome as what Christosaurus can do.
by FollowerofChristosaurus February 28, 2012
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