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He is the sexiest man you will ever meet. He has a heart of gold, and will do anything for you. He loves mountains, and if you ever lose him, he's probably hiking in the alps somewhere taking pictures. He normally goes by "Brawny Man" because of his sexy beard that not many people can pull off. He loves girls that have the name Chelsea, and will end up marrying one. but only because they're awesome. He is always traveling and meeting new people. His favorite kind of food to eat is Kashi. And his favorite place to live is nowhere. He enjoys putting a hamock in between two trees and calling it his home. He moves around alot, so dont get too attached, even though it'd be hard not to, because he's a perfect person. He's easy to love, fun to be around, and always willing to listen. And probably the sexiest man to walk the planet. kthanksbye.
Woahhh loook at Christopher Brooks, id love to hit that (; oh wait... i already did, because my name is Chelsea.
by Chelseakthanksbye August 18, 2011
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