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This is someone who waits for the last possible moment in the Christmas day to ruin your feelings of warmth and yuletide cheer. This person usually overreacts to a really small and insignificant issue. They choose to go straight to firey anger and punish instead of waiting, cooling off, and then talking about their feelings with you.
(Son watching DVD he got for Christmas) 11:00 PM Christmas day
Dad(yells): Hey turn that down you're bothering me.
Son ignores because he's never watched this before and it will be over soon but he doesn't wanna miss anything.
Dad(yelling still): Hey did you hear me?! Turn that down or I'll turn it off!
Son(Yelling furiously) DUDE WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!?! I've never seen this! F*** OFF!!!
DAD takes away keys and phone :(
Son pissed and will exact his revenge
Son: You're an effin' Christmas Destroyer!
by Cody Biggums December 25, 2008
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