Any article of clothing worn by either a man or woman that is very unsexy and serves as effective birth control...
OK, that 1950's dress that Julie is rocking is a little too much like June Cleaver wearing a christmas sweater for adds about 30 years to her age...
by Irish Mike 1965 September 9, 2008
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When a man or women snorts cocaine from the inside of the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis.
While in jail, Brady was very popular because he supplied a christmas sweater to all the other inmates.
by BAMFMASTA M December 5, 2010
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A hideous article of clothing, received from relatives who don't like you. It's origins are ancient and were initiated to punish kids who wouldn't eat their spinach. The relative always had a horrifying affliction Ie: (mustached aunt) .

In recent years, the grown victims, have turned the tables, with the ugly sweater contest. the once feared object that was used to force you into submission, is now coveted party gear, that wins $ and prizes.

The word "sweater" is used loosely, as vests, turtlenecks, and various accessories are equally acceptable.

Warnings: 1. Safety first! When dressing for an ugly sweater contest, please remember to cover the thing from view, while in public. A truly hideous sweater, gets noticed, and could cause an accident. 2. Beware of bait and switch tactics. Bosses will sometimes lure innocent employees into attending dreadful office parties, by using using a sweater contest as bait. When the victim arrives, they find the so called "contest" is a ruse, and the "fabulous prizes" consist of A: unpaid overtime, labeled as "lunch with the boss" B: a desk calendar, with the dates filled in, C: a grotesque statue, made from two paperclips, an orange rubber band, and something that looks suspiciously like belly button lint. D: a stale fruitcake.

To avoid this, demand a flyer beforehand. The prizes should be listed, and the flyer MUST contain the managers signature at the bottom, or they will try to weasel out of it.
"Oh crap! Here comes Aunt Mildred! Please help me! She has an Ugly Christmas Sweater for me, I just know it! I promise I'll be good...don't make me wear it..."

"Watch your mouth! I'm sure it is a perfectly lovely sweater, and you will put it on immediately, so we can take our annual family photo for the newsletter. Now answer the door, and give Aunt Mildred a big hug and kiss".
by Vixen333 December 9, 2011
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When a male is continously making the sweetest of love mildly nausea's and randomly hurls on the back of a girl giving her a Christmas Sweater.
Male: Oh baby as i'm making love to you i forgot to tell you I got you a gift
Female: What is it baby?
Male: A..(Barfs)

Narrator: He gave her a Christmas Sweater
by LisTenCloseLy_ February 10, 2017
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