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Christina is a girl who is often called blonde and generally has funny moments. She is made fun of by many people, but they all know that they secretly admire and like her.
She has a tendancy to talk a lot, and laugh uncontrollably, sometimes at random.

Christina C is one cool girl.
dude, did you hear Christina C in sewing class? She thought that the needle was a lollipop.

She Christina is one funny chick.
by greenbluekid May 09, 2009
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A cool YouTuber that you should really subscribe to, she is an animator that only has 76 subscribers as of now so yea go subscribe to her
Person 1: “Yo, Christinac is not a good YouTuber”
Person 2: *stares intensely*
by Not clever enough for names August 13, 2019
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