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A mix of words Christ and Cake. Always used in plural form. Use it the same way as you'd use "Oh my God" or "Christ!"

Can also be used in combination with WTF.
1)Holy fucking christcakes! That girl Carolyn has'em big ass titties.

2)WTF Christcakes! What is going on?
by Fucking Russian July 10, 2005
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Christcake |krīstkāk|
an actual cake made to resemble, look like or be in the shape of Christ; the after effect of the action of Christcaking
the act of tickling, poking, beating, crushing, snake-biting or possibly biting someone in the area of Christ's crucifixion; form of innocuous torture; only a rite of passage, one can only be Christcaked by a one time Christcakee only.
"Guess what Judith! I made a Christcake today!"
"Really Anabell? I just Christcaked my brother today for the first time. He deserved it!"
"Oh Anabell!" (giggle)

by chritcakee2 March 26, 2009
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