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irrational fear of, aversion to or discrimination against Christians or Christianity
Christian:"Hey Johnny, my church is having a free concert tonight. Want to go?" Christaphobe:"CHURCH?!! No way! I HATE Christians! You guys are so bigoted and hateful!!!" Christian:"Johnny, are you living with Christaphobia?"
by Citizen with free speech February 23, 2009
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the irrational fear or hatred of Christianity or Christians. People hate Christians because they believe that that Christians are the most homophobic people in the world, while ignoring the fact that homosexuals are murdered in the Middle East. As a result, left-wingers and anti-theists denounce Christianity and the church.
"Yet the same “progressives” who find “homophobia” under every bed, and “Islamophobia” around each corner, have never imagined the cancerous “Christaphobia” that courses throughout their very own veins."

"There have been a number of recent cases where Christians are being treated less favourably than others. Nurses, grandparents, firemen, registrars, adoption agencies, care homes are all finding themselves in the firing line for nothing more than hold (sic) the same harmless beliefs that Christians have had for 2,000 years."
by VenomousSoup14 December 04, 2018
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