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Member or adherent of radical rightwing Fundamentallist Christianity. Members of the Christaliban hold to extreme theocratic views and support replacing the secular constitutional government of the US with a Dominionist Christian theocracy where all non-Dominionist religions are banned and their adherents subject to state sanctioned persecution. In a Christaliban tyranny, women and gays would have no civil rights . Under the Christaliban all forms of media and art would be subject to "morality based" censorship and suppressed if deemed "objectionable". There is absolutely no difference between the former Taliban tyranny in Afghanistan and the vile tenets of the Christaliban apart from religion as both are tyrannies
Key leaders of the Christaliban include Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Donald Wildmon, Lou Sheldon, and Fred Phelps.

It has been the long standing goal of the Christaliban to impose a theocracy on America.

Despite the denials and rantings by right wing talk radio, the threat to American freedoms has never been from the Left, but the radical Right, especially the theocratic elements of the Christaliban.
by binydeamon November 28, 2010
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