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Say it fast. Chris-Moss (Christmas). So if someone says they're going to the Chris Moss Concert in December, go along with it and tell them you have front row seats. They'll be appalled that you know what they're talking about. They like to refer to Christmas as a person (Chris Moss) and pretend that he's a famous singer/writer. So hurry and get those tickets, because who doesn't love Chris Moss?!??!
Clare: OMG I'm soooo excited for the Chris Moss Concert on December 25th!
David: Who the heck is Chris Moss??!?
Clare: Wow, you've never heard of him? He's a christian-pop singer. Duh, he's so famous.
David: Ohhhh.................. (proceeds to look up Chris Moss on google but does not find any results).
by hollyjollychristmas November 07, 2011
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