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Some deceptively attractive teen that you’ll meet in a hospital who’ll steal your heart. He will write you poems and letters, maybe give you some of his art too, as he slowly burrows into your soul. You’ll love him, a lot, and you’ll both cry when you leave each other; however, you mean nothing to him. He is a demon, a master of deceit, and demolisher of minds, hiddin behind purple scarred skin and acne, on a ken doll figure of a body. He’s everything you want, yet somehow everything you hate at the same time. He is an interesting creature who I promise you will not forget - his name will be carved into your corneas. You’ll see him in EVERYTHING, and this stew of pure love and true hatred isn’t finished until... you... die....
This bitch ass was looking like Chris Cantrell

He had abs like Chris Cantrell
Damn that’s some Chris Cantrell ass wrecking ball
Ohhhh jeeez omg the apocalypse is coming, Chris Cantrell has discharged (from the hospital, and in your mouth)
I’m so depressed I’m gonna Chris Cantrell myself
by Lerrrr May 23, 2018
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