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The art of dealing with money; chremat - money (gr.).

What the so called Economics of today ought to be named. Today Economy is a word with diametrically opposed definitions and uses.

The original meaning is "to take care of scarce resources", also called husbandry. It has come to describe a system where a value is only appointed the scarce resources if they have been used up or destroyed and turned into money, and thus turned into numbers.

This way there seems to be a contradiction between Economy and Ecology. A contradiction that only exists because there is officially no word for the handling of money.

The use of 'chrematistics' will enable us to see the difference between sustainable development and the pure destruction of nature to gain money.
by Fixie August 12, 2006
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one of the coolest words ever. often used in highly technical documents by very skilled experts with cross discipline training, e.g. technology and law.
Our sense is that the above chrematistics did not develop despite a widespread developer preference for cross-team coordination.
by aprofessional December 03, 2017
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