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<title> Chapter 2 Help GO1DE </title>
chapter 2</h1>
displacement change in position to final position
velocity change of displacement divided by time
speed is change of distance/ speed
slope of velocity graph is x/t
lines going up in a straight line have constant positive velocity
straight line has zero velocity
line going straight down negatively velocity
Instananeous velocity
velocity at an instant of time
like whats teh velocity at: t=3.0s?
this is usually compared with other graphs.

Section 2.2
rate of change in velocity
example 2b on pg 49
acceleration has direction negative positive like east west north or going fast or slow
Table of velocity and acceleration
<table border ="1">
<td> Vi </td>
<td> A </td>
<td> Motion </td>
<td> + </td>
<td> + </td>
<td> speeding up </td>

Get the picture?</h1>
- and - speed up
+ - slow
0 0 resting
Motion with constant acceleration
as a ball falls from the ceiling its displacement changes as well as velocity. figure 2-11 pg.51

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