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(n) A person, typically a male, in your group, party, guild, etc. that has been irritating you for some time because he is a complete douchebag and/or tool.

Some think this is a medical condition caused the buildup of funk around the skin between the ass hole and the testicles.

Side Effects of this condition:
*Talking like a complete tool
*Person becomes a total douchebag
*Loss of friends
*Voice begins to sound as if a young boy is trying to *immitate a lower, more manly voice
*Cracks way too many gay jokes
*Likes it in the butt
*Eyes become somewhat crossed
*Lacks the ability to produce legitimate come-backs
*Tries to be a 'bro', but fails miserably
*Sucks more dick than your girlfriend
*Fails at life
Man, fuck you RJ! You're such a chongling chode!

Dude, that RJ kid is the biggest chode chongler I've ever seen.

Have you met that dude RJ? Talk about you're typical chongling chode.
by chongler69 September 16, 2009
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