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cholo punk rockers
Started in the Venice punk scene. Hybrid of the Chicano style and hardcore punk scene in the late 70's and early and mid 80's. Drawn to the violence and aggression of the music and moshing! Read some definitions on cholos: word is not used by established neighborhoods in LA or OC just punk wannabes from small started up Spanish speaking gangs with no street smarts! The "Big Homies" control the inside which controls the outside. The idiot who said we steal the street style from rappers is ignorant. It's the other way around we started this thing back in the 20's and it just evolved. MTV introduced the nation to these studio gangsters who know the Southerners run the show on all sides even their precious Compton . One on one is no problem to the white boys in OC who say we need #'s to throw down its easy to be a hate blogger but come down to the hoods or name a place that u might feel safe like HB! Those who find cholos annoying I don't blame them. They haven't met the true homies who find them annoying and would like to make them look like bitches in front of their bitches but not all of us are stupid cholos who have nothing to loose so one they will be caught on the rebound by Chicano gangster who does not speak Spanglish and terrify him with pure English. After the third and fourth generation Spanish is a lost languish. So next shit talker step up and come into our jungle or let's meet at TSOL show alone
"Cholo punk rockers" Suicidal Tendencies, Cadillac Tramps, Manic Hispanic; the only time I use cholo but thats what it is called in that subculture "cholo punk-rockers." As I pointed out cholo is not in our vocab.. It's what first generation punks are called by their families and when I say first generation I don't mean the old est. neighborhoods from the 20's who were pachucos transformation in style stared taking place in the50's and now you have a bunch a wannabes forming tagging crews and small gangs unauthorized to use the number x13!
by Educated Chicano from Watts October 30, 2013
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