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Only the most amazing family in the world. Full of fun, laughter, good times, and plenty of sports and activities to keep you on your feet year round! Huge brothers, loving parents... and a princess named Kelly for a daughter! The Chohany's are one of a kind... even though they are miles apart at times, they are always close in the heart!
Dad- See Big Military Guy who loves his kids!
Mom- See Best Sped teacher in the world who has a love for kids that extends beyond anyone I know
Kelly- yeah, see princess
Ryan- see ape... but check his cave if it is before noon
Patrick- find a baseball field- he'll be there
Sean- see best lil bro a girl could ask for!
by Kelly Chohany March 23, 2005
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The finest branch of human life in the galaxy as well as masters of tap dance/foot races

Squad leader of this humanoid phenomina is Joey the hertbreak kid Chohany who as well as bein quite the stunna he also has the attack force of a bengal tiger and stealth of a bosniac
Why would I buy a lizard from anyone else when i could buy one from the chohanys i mean they are masters of foot races and things of that nature there and Joey is exquisite at lacrosse and pullin biddys and getting dem to ride the sac "Nah A Mean" and such so I guees I'll buy a reptilion from the almighty chohanys.
by definitley not Joey chohany November 25, 2009
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