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Legend has it, that a man BY THE NAME OF Stewart Weatherbee, grew up with a condition only known as chodeinflamia. His chode became swollen and the only way the doctors could make it go down was for them to come up behinde him and grab him from behind, reach under and grabbing his manhood, PICK HIM UP and make him bounce up and down. This released the fluid from his chode into a sack that they cald the "Chode Holder". Soon kids began doing it to eachother in a little place called Owensboro Kentucky (Where Stewart was from) and they called it the ChodelHoldel. It is commonly known as a joke from kids at "Brothers Una Pizza".
So I was just standing there and some kid came up behind me and before I could even think about it, BAM, Chodelholdel. Man it sucks.
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