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Any device capable of detecting a Chode. Whether it be on a male or transvestite's body.

Capable of detecting length and width of the CHODE. (Determined by size of Square on the display screen) does not apply to people from india for they have superior "JUNK" than anyone else in the world.

Usually made of Cardboard and Sharpie, May not always function correctly and can mistake a SHLONG for a CHODE (Most common in black males)
Dustin: Hey man, think that guy has a chode?
Parth: I dont kno, let me grab the Chode-AR"

Dustin: Hey what you doing with that Chode-AR?"
White Guy: Seeing if that indian has a Chode"
Dustin: No dude, he cant, hes indian you DERP"

Dustin: Hey man, my Chode-AR is picking up some activity coming from that black guy"
Khan: No, it must be calculating wrong, unless there over 60 they cant have CHODE's"
by Indian-Wannabe April 21, 2011
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