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Chode Bload is a versatile action verb. It means to ruin, to own, to humiliate, to annihilate, to emasculate, to completely destroy, or to fall woefully short of a goal due to unforeseen circumstances. Similar to, but less grandiose and more vulgar than epic fail. This term was first coined by a former member of the ISSJHSS, in early January of 2006 when The University of Texas Longhorn football team shocked the world and chode bloaded the University of Southern California Trojans in the Rose Bowl. Works best in sports discussions.
After Texas won, I screamed to all the haters, "You have been chode bloaded, I saiddddd!"

You think dets bad? Rememba tha time we had five people simultaneously working to get Finals tickets and we all got chode bloaded?

When the Spurs beat the Lakers in six in 2003, the Lakers were so chode bloaded that Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher actually started crying.
by Echo21 September 06, 2008
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