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As used from De La Soul from the Feel Good Inc. track from Gorillaz. Chocolate attack means dumping alot of shit on someone's head, While sleeping, It's rare for people to do this, But it's happened before!
On 3 we will Chocolate attack Andrew!
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by GorillazFanXOXO April 20, 2018
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1) A chocolate attack is when one pelts another person with multiple peices of chocolate. Simply hitting another with chocolate can be considered a chocolate attack when they are hit numerous times with the chocolate, or chocolates.

2) When someone eats so much chocolate they become sick of it, and the very thought of eating any more chocolate is sickening.
"I'm having a chocolate attack! Get that chocolate away from me!"

"After school we're gonna show timmy our chocolate attack."
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by V021M January 28, 2017
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This can only be properly performed when you have diarrhea. You run up to someone while they are either sleeping or looking away or somehow distracted, and you shit your liquidy-ass shit onto their head.
The first fraternity party I ever went to, I was chocolate attacked by a 350-pound sack of shit named Jeb.
by Sgt. Baker May 12, 2005
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