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When your doing a girl doggie style and you pull out and try to stick it in her butt and she says "eheh ehehe" like a dolphin.
I was banging this chick and try to give a chocolate dolphin. She was pissed
by Ajack32 March 03, 2017
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1) While a couple completing the process of the sex position 69, either partner proceeds on making dolphin noises, exciting the other until he/she farts and dejects fecal matter.

2) After dropping a deuce, realizing your load dropped resembles a swimming dolphin.

3) A piece of chocolate shaped like a dolphin.
1) Man (in process of completing 69 with woman): "Yeah baby! Yeah!" *begins sudden dolphin calls*
Woman (getting excited): "Oh baby!" *farts*
Man: "That's it baby! Almost there! *continues his dolphin calls*
Woman (farting, then shits): "Oh babe, this might be our best chocolate dolphin yet!"

2) Teenage dude: "Yo Bryce, you've got to come check out this chocolate dolphin in the toilet! But plug your nose bro. Shit stinks!"

3) Little girl: "Wow mom, thanks so much for my chocolate dolphin! You know I love chocolate, and dolphins!"
by Tiny Squirrels January 02, 2012
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