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A common act between gay males, when one man's rectum is full of shit the other pummels his anus with his dick, thus getting it covered in chocolate. The first man then kneels down and brushes his teeth with his new chocolate tooth brush
Elliott: Damn man I forgot to bring my toothbrush to this man only sleepover

Robbie: Dont worry Kingy wait till you need to shit then I'll give you a chocolate toothbrush

Elliott: Thanks mate, I love it when you slam into my arse
by Reverend Pope May 21, 2009
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When you visit your dentist for a ADA approved 6-month cleaning only to have him perform anal sex while you are under general anesthesia. The dentist then places his penis into the oral cavity of the patient as he returns from unconsciousness.
I visited my dentist for a 6-month cleaning only to awake from anesthesia with a chocolate toothbrush in my mouth
by Dr. Gingiva March 10, 2010
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