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The Chocolate Noose is an act of where a male and a female take on a sexual position in the form of the female on all fours and the male coming in from behind. More commonly known as doggy style.

To achieve The Chocolate Noose, during the doggy style sex position the male must remove his penis from the females vagina and quickly push it into the females anus, the female in surprise now turns to look round, and as she does you must punch her the fuck in the face (as hard as possible) to knock her clean out unconcious. The act of punching her and knocking her out means the muscles in and around the anus constrict meaning a tighter hole.

Thus comes the term: The Chocolate Noose
1. My girl loved the chocolate noose last night! shame she wasnt concious to realise it though..
2. I would give her the ol' chocolate noose.
3. I wish i had enough courage to try the chocolate noose on my girl!
by Nick Hill July 30, 2007
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