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When you go for a dump and don't wipe. Instead you get your bitch, grab and lift your balls with one hand while shoving her face deep in your arse with the other and proceed to gyrate on her vigerously leaving a chocolate coloured doughnut ring on her mouth. If your arse is bleeding a bit from that monster shit you did then it leaves a bit of blood behind aswell. That is considered a Chocolate Doughnut with Strawberry. You may also include dropping your balls on her nose while gyrating so that she can sniff your hard earned ball sweat while you paint her face. Bitches love that shit, they'll be begging for more!
Guy1: Dude, I totally got my bitch good this time... Guy2: Yeah? What happened?? Guy1: Oh bro, I gave her the best Chocolate Doughnut and the beauty was I had just done this monster turd and my arse was bleeding a bit leaving behind a nice red and brown shit stain on her face. Guy2: HAHA, Thats ace man!! You gave her a Chocolate Doughnut with Strawberry!!!
by Joori January 15, 2010
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