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Commonly refered to as "Bar Choco Doni", though people just say, "Choco Doni" for short. It means to 1. hang out, 2. chill, 3.walk around, or 4.have intense sexual intercorse. 5. A doll of a dinosaur.
1. "Dude, want to choco doni at my place today?"
2. "Oh my gosh, no way! I wasn't invited to choco doni with my friends at the cafe. This sucks."
3. "Hey, after this movie, do you want to choco doni around the mall?"
4. "Maybe if you didn't bar choco doni with every guy you saw, then you wouldn't have 2 children at the age of 15."
5. "My little cousin slobbered over my bar choco doni of Reptar the Dinosaur!"
by Minkuz February 09, 2009
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1) v. To smoke marijuana; to get high
2) a. To be high; to be under the influence of marijuana
3) n. Marijuana
-I really want to Choco Doni later...
-Yeah I want to feel completely Choco Doni.
-Yo, I'll go buy some Choco Doni so that we can smoke it!
-Dude, let's get some Choco Doni so that we can Choco Doni and then feel completely Choco Doni!
by Sacada April 22, 2011
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