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Pukka shell wearing Frat boys who act like you CAN handle their liquor. Yet the evidence is shown in the pictures of him pasted out puking, getting drawn on and what not.

Football D bag players who thinks they are the cat’s meow and are complete trash. Yet MONSTER SIZE EGO.

Men that think they know football but truly don’t. Sad don’t try you won’t succeed.

A jerk who balances women like it’s no one’s business, and when they get caught in the corner cowers like a pussy. Tries to lie but their way out of it. NO hope. You screwed up.

A idiot who thinks it ok to STILL thinks it’s ok to wear Hollister & Abercrombie when they are in there late twenty’s. Give up.

Two o’clock last call bar scum. Trying to attempt to find anyone that moves, it’s the normal pass time for them. No preferences what so ever.
The list goes on but you get it…….
Dear Chocie Magoo’s bug off women DON’T want you around. You’re just an obnoxious task we have to deal with because you exist. THE END
Chocie Magoo's, MOST Frat Boys, Football Players, Cheaters, and Scummy people in general.
by A TOWN... U HIGH? September 13, 2011
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