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Kyle is a dude who resides in Brampton, Ontario, but regularly travels to Guelph and Toronto. He's pretty facially attractive, but has some really shitty tattoos (including an Insane Clown Posse tattoo, which is just the worst). He has a pretty charming demeanor and is really good at getting chicks into bed with him, because he treats them like ladies outside of the bedroom. Plus he's good in bed so really, what are we complaining about? What we're complaining about is that he's a TOTAL WANKER. He has infected several females with chlamydia, when confronted about it by one of them was told 'no, I get tested regularly, it wasn't me' - it obviously was you, because the MATH says so. Forcing those girls to contact the people they'd been with after him and telling them to get tested (or even worse, hearing about it from one of those people telling you YOU have it, because you didn't have symptoms).

Plot twist, he also has a girlfriend he's been with for over a year, while fucking all these other girls in various cities. She had no idea. The girls had no idea. What a douche, right?

Women should just stay away from this guy on all counts.. and feel free to check out the memes on the generator since the page got removed from facebook (which he probably reported, but it was just a public service accouncement, really).
"Hey, did you hear that Kyle's coming to town this weekend?"

"Oh, you mean Chlamydia Kyle? I wonder who else he plans to infect this time."
by thatskarma March 30, 2013
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