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At one time, men were allowed to express the way they honored women by doing chivalrous acts such as: opening the door for a woman, pulling out her chair, paying for dinner, and other acts. It no longer lives as these things are offensive to the women in the wake of feminism due to the myth of male power, otherwise known as the 'patriarchy'. Men now are floundering in society as they cannot express any genuine acts of true masculinity because it has been branded as 'toxic' and 'oppressive'.
I can open the door for myself you arrogant a**hole, no I will not thank you, nor smile to show courtesy, don't you know chivalry is dead!?
by CounterActCulture October 04, 2018
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They say chivalry is dead... And that's completely right, go fuck whoever, however, whenever, slut power!
Guy 1: You gonna take her out
Guy 2: nah m8, chivalry is dead
by Mr. Clams May 06, 2018
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