Top definition, or ACC for short, is one of the shittiest Animal Crossing fansites ever. The staff members on the site are assholes who ban tons of people from their site for any reason. The site has filters preventing people from saying words like "Facebook" and "Myspace" and ban people from linking to any social networking site. People who post their friendcodes for their town often get seeded and staff there will do nothing to prevent people who have seeded towns from seeding other towns. Message boards about AC are often only for people who want to get their town seeded by assholes. Even though the site has a random board for people to talk about other topics aside from AC, they ban people from discussing many major news events and all discussions of politics or social issues are prohibited. All curse words or any phrase that's mildly offensive (ie "yo mamma" jokes) are strictly forbidden and can get people banned if they use them. Overall, this site is fucking beyond stupid and no one above the age of 1 day should use this site. There are many other AC sites that are better than this one, just for your sake steer clear of this one.
Dude: "My town got seeded in Animal Crossing"
Other dude: "Did you go on Animal Crossing Community?"
Dude: "Yeah"
Other dude: "That's why"
by JoeKickAzz December 22, 2013
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