A nickname for someone you care about. It comes from the word Chico or small. It would translate to "your little one."
1. Lorena, Nunca te olvidare chiquis.
Lorena, I will never forget you chiquis.
2. Chiquis ... eres y seras, por siempre, el amor de mi vida
Chiquis ... you are and will be, for always, the love of my live.
3. En una noche de Septiembre conoci una chica que cambio mi vida y le digo Chiquis.
On a night of September I met a girl that changed my life and i call her Chiquis.
by Chikix January 26, 2009
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1) A verb meaning the act of being "chill"
2) An adjective for describing someone who is really cool and better than most.
3) The act of being calm.
4) A verb to describe the best person there is in a situation.
1) "You're pretty cool Pepe, and really chiqui."
2) "That girl is the most chiqui girl I've ever seen."
3) "Dude, good job being so chiqui in this intense situation."
4) "Hey Katie, don't chiqui yourself in your mind."
by Brassmonkey33 June 8, 2009
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The most amazing girl ever. Chiqui has a beautiful heart and will help you whenever you are in need. If you ever meet Chiqui, you must protect her at all costs. She's one of the cutest girls ever made. 10/10.
"Hey, have you met Chiqui?"

"I have! She's amazing! I love her!
by Tibby. June 20, 2020
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Spanish Tiktoker, known for his resemblance to Ibai, is a despicable being who does not deserve the fame of those who consume his content.

They are children who do not know how to sleep without their glass of milk which has a great load of sigma male in ohio.

Please do not consume its contents.
Dad: What you watching son?
Son: I'm watching "Chiqui Ibai"
Dad: I fucking hate you son, kys
by ExplosiveVR November 9, 2023
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