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A common workplace illness brought on by overwork and under appreciation by an over manipulative boss or supervisor usually afflicting common workers to mid-level managers while most upper level managers and executives seem to have be inoculated or are immune. Common symptoms are headaches, fever, hair graying, hair loss, gas, mild diarrhea, explosive diarrhea, eye problems and unusual heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages and in extreme cases drugs. Treatment options can range from 1-2 days of golf or other fun activity to vacation time somewhere tropical. Severe cases may require you to tell your boss to “take this job and shove it” much like the old overplayed Johnny Paycheck tune of the mid 1970’s. Most common industries where this occurs is in the plywood industry but in recent years has spread to other forms of manufacturing and middle management.
Joe called in sick today. He said because of his eye problems he cannot see coming in to work today, says he may have Chipunctinitis.

Stacys chipuntinitis was so bad so told her boss to shove it and moved to Hawaii to sell sea shells on the sea shore.

Manufacturing department had an outbreak of Chipunctinitis and the company is now paying for several sessions of drug and alcohol treatment.
by toppywoodcutter November 29, 2011
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