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A Chinook Sports Coach is the definition of any person who has no moral or ethic sense. These characteristics were made known in Chinook, MT. Sports coaches feel their ego's are more important than the kids they are coaching. They often fail to realize that in High School sports specifically, the focus is on kids having fun and not on power tripping adults.

These Chinook Sports Coaches will bypass any attempts at an ethical decision if it allows them to look good to their superiors. This type of person does not have any balls what so ever and also lacks a backbone as they can not stand up to their convictions and in a sense admitting their own guilt.

Anyone who finds them self dealing with one of these Chinook Sports Coaches should rest assured what goes around comes around so don't conform to their wishes and stand up for yourself
-That Basketball coach just wants in his players pants doesn't he?

> Yeah, he's defiantly a Chinook Sports Coach!
by IliketheUSA September 10, 2011
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