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A small town on the high line of Montana along Hwy 2 where people of the city have nothing better to do than gossip about everybody else. True Chinook residents believe their shit doesn't stink when it actually smells the worst.

The highschool is a joke because the current (2011) principle and athletic administrator are into bestiality and have fucked many farm and domestic animals. so if you live in the area, keep your pets inside!

Do not send you children to this school especially is they intend to play any type of sport! They will falsely accuse you of being a normal kid and doing normal kid things and try to have you arrested for it! So instead send you kids to Havre High where they will either get prego or catch AIDS because even this hell is a better alternative to SHITNOOK!
John - Hey do you wanna go to Chinook, MT and party?

Kevin - Fuck that, I'd rather eat shit and die!

John - True dat, I would rather have AIDS than step foot in that shit hole!
by IliketheUSA August 13, 2011
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by A. Danish November 27, 2007
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