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A Chinese or South-East Asian Gangsters.

Chingahz is an alternate name for AZIN.
Azins were the old high school Asian Gangstas.

Chingah is usually spelt with a 'H' at the end because the word 'Chinga' is spanish for 'fuck

Chingahz ususally wear rappers clothing with Jade necklaces and gold/silver chains. Chingahz can rap freestyle whenever they choose. Chingahz are never racist and only make race jokes as an actually joke. Unlike 'AZN's who are kids on the internet who think they are the best because they're 'Asian' yet half of them don't even come from Asia. Chingahz are the real Asians

Chingah is pronouced, "Ching-Ah" not "Ching-Er"

Chingahz will either have short eminem style hair or extremely styled hair with a long fringe. Chingahz will litterally spend Hours on their hair.

Most Chingahz go by the saying, 'We belive in God but we live by the Buddha.' That basicaly means that Chingahz always go by their ancesters traditions even religion if necessary.

Chingahz usually roll up in underground Metro type of cars
azn: Hey man, White guyz suck diiiiiiick

Chingah: Hey fucktwit. Don't give us Azins a bad name. I'm Half white and i don't suck anyones dick

azn: w3ll 5kr3w u!!!

Chingah: Retard
by LingZhu August 06, 2011
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