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Chinese girls get married only for green card. And they are realistic.
Please read this about chinese marriage

hello everyone

about chinese girls... ooh i read many things on your forum... it was quiet funny... anyway, i am french and i am married with a chinese woman... i am with her for 6 years.... and believe me, chinese girls are far away to be a real idealist girl that men can imagine...

- first, life is a game for them... does not matter what, married or not married... and that is completly true, men have to guess what they have in mind.

- second, they will never accept that they are wrong... honestly i don t know why ? too proud ? mh??!!
- no real respect for things in general.
- if they do not have a real answer or justifitive from a question... they will tell you, here it is china, or they will tell you, well i am chinese... or people in china are like that.
- then, if you express yourself about something that you have , notice that was bad... she will do agree with you... but she will not mean it really, because she is also like this.
- if you do not accept what she wants, she will play the little girl.or even cry ( it s fake ).
- most of the time, she will tell you that she bought something for you... but the real part, it will be for her...

- they always expect more from a man than they can provide.

- most of topic of the day, MONEY.
- reading book, usually, love story... so bullshit.

i think that i said the most commun... GOOD LUCK for men who want to be with a chinese women... honestly, i regret my marriage :)))))
by understand_the_world March 17, 2012
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