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Superficial agreement to an action the speaker has no intention of carrying out.
No shit he ditched your moving party--he was just giving you the Chinese smile.
by Geoff_M October 30, 2009
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...when an asian girl opens her legs, and a gong sounds to signify that her vagina opens horizontally, then it smiles at you to let you know that you are invited inside, but remember to take your shoes off so you do not offend her customs
When Rip finally got Yi into the bed, he was scared by her Chinese Smile, but then he decided to go for it anyway, and tore it up.
by Blip Rogers July 14, 2008
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when you slit the corners of a persons mouth then stab them in the thigh so they're mouth opens wide and their smile stretches back to their jaw.
I'll fuckin give you a chinese smile
by Jfler September 03, 2007
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