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Originally a drug taking practice where the user takes one Ecstasy pill orally and inserts another as a suppository.

The term was later bastardized to refer to any simultaneous use of the mouth and anal sphincter.

For example vomiting and defecating simultaneously or receiving oral and anal sex at the same time.
Common usages:

1) Person A: "Ross was cutting mad shapes last night"

Person B: "Didn't you hear? He was on a Chinese Meltdown"

2) Person A: "Ricky likes to eat a ham and cheese sandwich whilst taking a dump."

Person B: "Partial to a Chinese Meltdown is he?"

3) The porn star was suckling on a flaccid penis whilst taking a stiff one up the shite pipe. The film was called 'Chinese Meltdown Sluts 4'.
by ParticleWorm September 04, 2011
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