A racial slur used by Stereotypical idiots who want to try and be racist/funny.
Chinese man: thats racist/funny, but its not funny to me.
by VVater, Yep just water... February 7, 2018
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Very common insignificant racial slur, some Chinese people after hearing it make feel greatly offended, as they think that this is a silly joke on their glorious yet ancient language. However, some Chinese people would just laugh at it or even don't care at all after hearing this, because they are sigma who isn't a nationalist and actually love their own culture.
Brazilian guy:"Hey Chinese guy! Chin chong!"
Chinese man 1:"Fuck you dude, you are making fun of me."

Finnish girl:"Chi chong hong la bi dei hei gui chong chin hang la!"
Chinese man 2:"Oh."

Hot Slovenian chick:"Chin chong boy, come here."
Chinese man 3:"Wassup girl, why you calling me, you need some 'help'?"
by My10InchHandle January 12, 2023
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