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Noun, comprised of two words: chimpanzee + intimidation
Also, v. chimptimidate, chimptimidated

When a relatively insignificant number of Negro complaints have the disproportionate effect of making national headlines, getting prominant white people fired, altering the path of state and federal legislation, and limiting free thought and speech for an entire nation. Thus, the prejudiced objections of a very few members of the Negro population have enormous impact upon the general public.

Chimptimidation is, no doubt, related to what are popularly known as White Guilt and Political Correctness, by which the nigger minority is allowed to punish the White majority for social transgressions both real and fabricated (but usually fabricated).

Chimptimidation, chimptimidate and chimptimidated are words that were all created by Prof. Charles A. Miller in October of 2007, following an unfortunate experience during which his very promising social initiatives were derailed due to the protests of two (2) niggers, which frightened an entire community into submission. Whereupon Prof. Miller realized that the community wasn't worth saving from its own spinelessness.
Our news media, our politicians, our educators and our entertainers all live in a perpetual state of chimptimidation, fearing the possibility that they might offend the 14% of the population that is black. This is primarily because the handful of liberal nigger-lovers in Congress have chimptimidated everyone into believing that the ignorant nigger minority is somehow privileged above the White majority.
by Prof. Charles A. Miller November 05, 2007
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