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A portmanteau describing a method of trying to impress people by directly mirroring their actions, like a chimpanzee would do. If a human does something in front of a chimp, the chimp will start to reenact the humans action. For some reason, a person who does said method of impressing thinks that doing everything you do is cool!
guy1: Dude, guy3 is really trying to chimpress you, what a douche.
guy2:yea, i've noticed. he needs to stop hanging around us.
guy3: Hey guys wanna go do some alcohol? I've seen some pics of partys you went to. beer pong is super cool!


guy1: here comes guy3 trying to chimpress us again man
guy2: oh boy! that douche is a douche!
guy3: hey guys, im gonna get so high this weekend. Im gonna trip on my nut! you guys enjoy consuming marijuana right? pot, YEAH!!!!!
by JuniorRichBoy March 03, 2009
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