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noun: A chimmoura (English pronunciation/tʃɪməˈrə/) is a creature that inhabits naturally formed or artificially built caves,tunnels and chambers, located under metropolitan subways, undergrounds, tunnels etc. The biological origin of the specie is unknown, however there are rumors that it is the result of a genetic mutation caused by a chemical reaction from a mixture of extremely radioactive toxic waste and human excrement.
The chimmoura is purportedly a heavy creature, the size of a small chimp, has slightly extended hands and strongly lengthened fingers and nails. According to testimonies, this chemically induced biological creation, has a surprisingly similar behavior to that of homo-sapiens and does not display any signs of aggression. The majority of the eyewitness reports would describe an almost identical experience - the creautre was attempting to trick the humans into giving it something - food, objects even money. Eventually, the given objects reappeared back after a while.

adj: izzchimmouren /iztʃɪməˈren/
To be/get izzchimmouren, as to give something for 3 days, and then get it back in 30.
"OMG! What is this thing comign out of the trench?"
"Don't worry, it's just a chimmoura!"

"I lent Stoney 30 bucks for 3 days, about a month ago. What's with the delay?"
"You got izzchimmouren, dude!."

"I got a new job offer but I think it's a pyramid scheme. What's your opinion?"
"Yeah dude, you will be izzchummouren! The company is fake."
by roBHoTo January 24, 2014
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