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Chillzoy or "going chillzoy" is the act of sliding off The Apex Slide and moving forward toward the tree as opposed to flying up vertically.

The origin of this phrase is usually unclear to many. On December 23, 2012, YouTube user imVilzoy, who was somewhat known for hitting Apex or "going chillzoy" uploaded a video entitled "The Adventures of Billzoy and Chillzoy". After the release of this video, the term "Chillzoy" was coined by YouTube user ChapperP.

There are many theories on how to go chillzoy, mostly to be debunked; however, Adam Savage from mythbusters has confirmed that holding down your melee button will improve your chances of going chillzoy.

As of November 2014, several others of been known to hit Chillzoy. Most notably, Bowers, who has hit arguably the greatest chillzoy ever. Please reference "Native Teamtage 5" or Bowers' "Final Montage" as it has closered both of those.
by AnonymousGlitcher2 November 12, 2014
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