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Chilling Poolside is essentially the opposite of what it sounds. It is a term used to lure people to join you on the session without deterring them by telling them where you really are - often in a dingy room with a group of mentally disfigured guys on drugs. However dire the situation might seem, good music is often played when one is "Chilling Poolside."
Guy 1 - "Hey man where are you at, haven't seen you since you left the club earlier"
Guy 2 - "Yo, just Chilling Poolside with some cocktails and fly hunnies. Come round."
Guy 1 -"Really? Pretty sure I overheard you guys arguing about whether to get a 3 litre bottle of cider or special brew to take back to your flat. But now I know you're Chilling Poolside I'll be right there."
by MainVainer May 05, 2014
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